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It’s a classic example of the Chicago Typewriter, and it operates from the closed bolt position. STICK MAGAZINE-NEW! This noise is stopped when you install a sling, however. Auto-Ordnance THOMPSON "TOMMY GUN" 20RD STICK MAGAZINE-NEW! Just like the firearm. But “government guns” made during WWII could well have shown some variation against that spec. It means that you need to constantly pull down the BB follower against spring pressure to load the BBs. Of course, one is supplied with the M1A1 Thompson BB gun. We’re guessing that such parts may well fit this BB gun. Apparently it can be fired single-shot in semi-auto mode, although we’ve been having too much fun in full auto . Safety and fire selector levers are fully-functional, as is the bolt and magazine release. Legends M1A1 .177 Full Auto Blowback CO2 BB Gun 0.177, Pyramyd Air Custom CO2 Pellet Revolver Test Review. The gun “hammers” well in full auto, yet can be fired accurately when set to single shot mode. For questions, contact the Publisher, Stephen Archer. The drop-free magazine holds 30 BBs, together with two 12 Gram CO2 cartridges. At this price, it’s at the top end of BB-firing replica firearms … The gun is cocked by pulling back on the charging handle, letting it fly forward. This is the classic Tommy Gun replica and it’s a common sight. SAFETY FIRST. And Doug should receive royalties for his superb, innovative design!!! Thompson marketed the gun to civilians, and Al Scarface Capone was only too happy to use it. The obligatory BB gun “warning text” has been banished to the underside of the trigger guard. As always, you just can’t have high shot count, high FPS and strong blowback all at the same time from any CO2-powered airgun! The trigger has a two-stage action with a distinct “wall” for the second stage. Here, the M1A1 Thompson BB gun tested by HAM really excelled! The accuracy of the M1A1 Thompson BB gun tested by HAM was very good. BBs tend to bounce off these surfaces and may hit you, or something other than what you intended. Check. Actual Muzzle Velocity was also consistent in the 390 – 400 FPS range across the different types and weights of BBs tested. Automatic bb machine guns are just plain fun to shoot. These are as follows and we’ll check them out: – A realistic reproduction of the firearm. UmarexUSA makes some claims for the M1A1 Thompson BB gun. M1A1 SUBMACHINE GUN SMG-005 • LENGTH : 840mm • WEIGHT : 3000g • MAGAZINE : 380 rounds (6mm BB) AEG X-Class . Given the huge fun factor, having multiple magazines pre-loaded with CO2s and BBs is the best way to ensure a long, enjoyable shooting session with this model. If you've got competition on the airsoft field, this Tommy gun will clear them out. However, as the valve is located in the detachable magazine (additional mags are available at $49.95), the main cause of possible problems with any CO2-powered gun can simply be resolved through swapping magazines. This gun is an outstanding 1:1 scale replica of its real firearm counterpart, the fearsome Thompson M1A1. Shop semi & full auto submachine guns. These gave a 10-shot group of 1-inch CTC at 10 Yards, which is really very good for any BB gun. $55.00: 0 $55.00 $55.99: 6d 18h 24m 14881814. Very faithful replica These allow us to earn a commission when you click on an affiliate link. Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle Test Review .22 Cal. The firearm weighs about 10 Lbs. If in doubt, don’t pull the trigger! Until you touch them no-one would believe that they are not made of real “tree wood”! Accuracy is good enough to make use of it.”. The serial number is “009”, as you can see below. Even so, I hope this reviews about it Cod Tommy Gun And Electric Tommy Gun Bb Gun will become useful. Nothing else! Include description. The M1A1 Thompson BB gun is currently listed at a Street Price of $224.95. RESTLESS GUN 3-Gun Holster Set by ACTOY: This is the seldom seen RESTLESS GUN double holster set with a hidden holster pocket that holds a derringer to create a three gun set. These allow us to earn a commission when you click on an affiliate link. The M1A1 Thompson BB gun tested by HAM actually peaked at 402 FPS with Crosman Copperhead BBs at 62 Degrees F. We know that all CO2-powered airguns shoot faster at higher temperatures. HAM’s Top Ten Most Popular Airgun Pellet Reviews 2020, Umarex Origin – It’s The Best First PCP Air Rifle, The FX Maverick – It’s A New Rifle Platform from FX Airguns, Here’s The Differences Between Air Venturi Avenger And Umarex Origin, Aselkon PCP Air Rifles – A New Player In The Airgun Market, The Umarex Origin – An Ideal First PCP Air Rifle, Umarex Origin PCP Air Rifle Review Summary And Conclusions, Daystate Wolverine R Test Review .25 Caliber, 2020 Most Popular Air Rifle Reviews To Date, Diana Stormrider Gen 2 Air Rifle Review .22 Caliber, Brocock Sniper XR Test Review .22 Caliber, New Arrow-Firing PCP Umarex AirSaber Test Review, FX Crown Continuum Air Rifle Test Review .22 Caliber. That increase is around 2 FPS per degree F. This means that the HAM test result of 402 FPS at 62 degrees would match the manufacturer’s claim at 78 degrees ambient temperature. The blowback action is very realistic, giving a real feeling of recoil – particularly on a fresh pair of CO2 cartridges. The only downside the HAM team can see is that the all-up weight of the M1A1 Thompson BB gun is rather lighter than that of the original. It also means that it would exceed the claim at higher temperatures, peaking at about 460 FPS at around 90 Degrees F. Above that temperature, valve lock would likely cut-in causing FPS to drop – this is a characteristic common to all CO2-powered airguns, not just our Tommy gun. Original Thompson Sub Machine Guns for sale by International Military Antiques, Inc. All right reserved. Do not display it in public or in any place where it could be mistaken for a cartridge firearm. Umarex Legends M1A1 Thompson (Tommy Gun) 4.5mm BB Blowback CO2 Airgun Feel the realistic weight, recoil, and 100 years of history when you pick up this amazing reproduction M1A1 BB rifle The semi automatic, 4.5mm caliber steel BB rifle has a full metal frame with a smooth bore, 12” barrel and fixed front and rear sights Affiliate Links are prominently displayed under the heading “BUY FROM…”. Again, very good performance. This mag is similar – but not identical – to that used in the MP40. Trigger pull weight averaged 7 Lbs 6 Oz. Umarex will be providing a BB speed loader with this gun. $25.95: time left: 24d 19h 45m. – Realistic full auto, open bolt blowback action. It combines extreme realism of appearance and operation with a very high shot count. Best accuracy was obtained with ASG Blaster BBs. Due to the realistic appearance of this product, handle it as you would a firearm. However the Cowboy Rifle did give a significantly higher Muzzle Velocity in the 575 FPS range. And then there’s the realism of the “woodwork”. This is in advance of the first deliveries hitting dealers’ shelves, but HAM anticipates that demand will be huge and this price is unlikely to fall in the forseeable future. It varied by only -4 to + 6 Ounces around that average. The maximum average Muzzle Velocity for a 10-shot string was 402 FPS. More Details. The Diana 34 EMS Series Breakbarrels Are Here! 300 fps hfc sa80 l85 full size bullpup spring airsoft rifle gun w/ 6mm bb bbs. As a selective-fire BB gun, both semi- and full-auto operation is available. Check! This is a failing common to the MP40 and some – but not all – other Umarex BB guns. The HAM Team’s expectations were for about 150 shots, similar to the Legends MP40 we tested. - .45 ACP BuyItNow! No spam, only great airgun news and deals. CHICAGO TYPEWRITER SMG-006 • LENGTH : 880mm • WEIGHT : 3850g • MAGAZINE : 1000 rounds (6mm BB) • Flip Up Rear Sight. It was invented by Charles A. Feltman, the grandson of Charles Feltman, often credited as the inventor of the hot dog in Coney Island, New York with young Feltman previously inventing a hot dog roll toaster.. That compares to the 110 shots of the non-blowback Legends Cowboy Rifle tested by HAM. Trigger pull weight of the M1A1 Thompson BB gun tested by HAM is about a Pound lighter than the specs for the firearm. EXCLUSIVE! That’s a figure that would be very acceptable for any PCP air rifle costing $1,000! M1A1 SUBMACHINE GUN. This is an outstanding number! Edited by Petroleum 1, 21 June 2019 - 04:44 PM. The Diana 34 EMS Series Breakbarrels Are Here! The point of impact on target was consistently low and generally a little left of center with these BBs also. Pellet or bb rifles or long guns: Even though a pellet gun rifle does not have a rifled bore and arguably does not fall under the definition of “rifle” in New Jersey, it is still considered a firearm and a Firearm Identification Card is still required to purchase, and possess one in New Jersey. The only BB gun tested by HAM to show better accuracy to date was also an Umarex Legends model – the Cowboy Rifle. Buy one. As with all BB-firing airguns, it’s necessary to wear shooting glasses when firing this airgun. That’s a drop free magazine also, by the way. The sling itself is not included, but we mounted a web sling for fun, as you can see above. Airsoft Electric Gun P90 Style w/Red Dot Scope, BB Target, Shoot up to 9.7 View Product 9.7 2: Great Quality Auto Electric Airsoft Gun Thompson Tommy Gun M1A1 Wood Color 9.6 View Product First off, these comments need to be understood in the context that none of the HAM Team have actually fired a Thompson M1A1 firearm. $99.00: 0 $99.00 $99.99: 6d 19h 18m 10563892: Thompson Auto-Ordnance THOMPSON Tommy Gun patch BuyItNow! Add To Cart. It’s an M1A1-style.177 blowback action BB Gun carbine. Great shot count That’s as close as you’re going to get to the full automatic weapons without a Class 3 firearms license. The latest addition to the Legend series is a select-fire U.S. Military, World War II, M1A1 Thompson Submachine-gun, which joins the MP40 submachine-gun and Mauser M712 machine-pistol replicas in anchoring the extreme end of the fun bell curve reserved for full-auto BB guns. Standard Deviation – the variation in FPS in a string was extremely good at an average of just 5.11 FPS across the HAM standard range of test BBs. As always, HAM testing was undertaken in relatively cool conditions. Copyright © Hard Air Magazine. No BB follower hold down 4.5 out of 5 stars (2) Total Ratings 2, $77.95 New. The Shooting Star Tommy Gun is a pneumatic machine gun manufactured by Shooting Star Inc. The safety and fire selector levers also operate just like the “real thing”. The HAM Team had no issues with this trigger for its intended use. The M1A1 Thompson BB gun tested by HAM demonstrated very good consistency. Like the M1A1 original it is fitted with sling swivels. A gun to sweep away the enemy." The Tommy gun, as it was nicknamed, was hand-held, "roughly the size of a new baby," and could fire 800 bullets per minute. Description The infamous Thompson Model 1928 aka the "Tommy Gun" was favored by every mobster and gangster in the prohibition era and after for its firepower and portability. In initial HAM testing, this full-auto BB Tommy Gun certainly looks and feels the part. It’s BB-firing, of course and is a very realistic representation. HAM participates in affiliate advertising programs. 300 FPS Thompson M1a1 Electric WWII Airsoft AEG Machine Gun Tommy Rifle 6mm BB. Selection is made using the “fun switch” on the side of the receiver. Finally, you definitely will want to buy several additional magazines for the M1A1 Thompson BB gun! M1A1 SUBMACHINE GUN. No Reserve. If not, buy one. You'll have a huge amount of fun shooting this full auto reproduction of the iconic Tommy gun. So the M1A1 Thompson BB gun is a couple of Lbs lighter than the original. You’re going to need it! This requires a very strong thumb nail!!! HORNADY .177 BLACK DIAMOND AIRGUN STEEL BB - 1500 CT - UMAREX AIRGUNS. In this HAM exclusive story, we get an exclusive first look at the forthcoming Legends full auto BB Tommy Gun! With the success of the MP40 from its Legends line, Umarex released the next logical product—the Legends Thompson M1A1. Visiting our advertisers and/or clicking Affiliate Links is the best way you can say “thank you” to HAM, enabling this magazine to be free to read. It’s now being advertised by online dealers and you can pre-order the Legends M1A1 from the Umarex USA website. The extreme realism of the Legends BB Tommy Gun is enhanced by the ultra-realistic wood effect of the synthetic stock and pistol grip parts. What’s The Best Break Barrel Hunting Air Rifle For Me? If you already have the outstanding Legends MP40, this will be an ideal companion! And – as mentioned above – there’s even muzzle climb when extended strings are fired on full auto. You can sort by price, popularity and brand. Umarex should mass-produce this tool and include it with the M1A1, MP40 and others. Such a gun would have been a devastating weapon in the trenches of World War I, a potential " ‘trench broom.' This gun is not field-strippable, however that’s a small price to pay for the overall realism. The only downside to the synthetic stock is that the sling swivels clatter against them in use. But unfortunately there is no BB follower hold-down catch. And while you're at it, buy a TON of BBs and CO2 cartridges. The Thompson was invented by Brig. The BB gun comes-in at 7LBs 12 Oz. Related: tommy gun airsoft tommy gun replica tommy gun toy tommy gun bb gun tommy gun prop thompson submachine gun tommy gun parts tommy gun inflatable gangster gun airsoft thompson gun tommy gun wood. You can see it in the photographs below. Airgun Pellet Penetration. Affordable Fully Automatic Bb Tommy Gun And Gold Plated Tommy Gun Ebook download Look out for the full HAM review in the near future! STI Guns THOMPSON "TOMMY GUN" 10RD. This faithful reproduction is built with absolute attention to detail and retains nearly every feature of the original, including select-fire capability. Both trigger and action are highly realistic on the M1A1 Thompson BB gun. The New KalibrGun Argus 45W Bullpup PCP Air Rifle. And we can’t easily tell the difference between 7.5 Lbs-ish and 8.5 Lbs. The gun gives the feel of a real gun with real blowback action. All functional controls are correctly positioned and work just as on the firearm.

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