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We are dedicated to listening to our employees and customers to provide the best possible Naturescape experience! These issues stem from the corporate logistics and get passed down through the employees, eventually to the customers. Complaint- Company response. NaturEscape Inc. has maintained an A+ rating with no complaints for more than 25 years and we feel this is a direct testament to our company's ethics and hard work. I spent most of my time working in Minnesota due to employee turnover. It is hard to sell when management and specialists don't follow through with customers or give poor service. Situations like these have led to specialists getting injured. Naturescape has an very fair starting wage and the potential to rise up in the company through learning the job and actively trying to better your role in the company. Very disappointing and annoying experience. You are likely to work a long physical day with a van or truck that barely runs and does not even have air conditioning. After complaining, the proprietor refunded my requested postage and leaflet costs after I returned said document. Reliable hours and a bonus point system to reward you for your hard work. Pay-(4)10hr work days- benifits- advancment. Every job has its downs but this place was something totally different and on another level. They worked perfectly for our cruise and land tour to Alaska. Ordered plants and seeds on Tuesday evening and they arrived this morning. WP Customer Reviews をインストール・有効化すると、各ページ・投稿の編集画面に下の画像のようなチェックボックスが現れます。これでレビュー機能の有効・無効を切り替えます。チェックを入れるとページ・投稿の最下部にレビュー投稿 We are committed to providing a professional, supportive workplace for our employees! I was surprised how moist the soil had remained during Naturescape is a fast-growing company, and we are committed to growth founded on sustainable and compassionate business practices. We're glad to hear that you enjoyed your employment. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Love the pick & mix approach since we just have a very small patch. We hope that this has simply been a matter of miscommunication, and we look forward to improving the quality of employment here at Naturescape! All rights reserved. The 401k is great. This company wants their money, and they want their numbers. We are constantly working to improve and refine our training procedures; we never want an employee to feel anything less than 100% confident in their position. they don't tell you that in training they just expect you to make sales calls all day memorize things you will never be asked and be bored. We’re sorry to see that you took such a negative impression from your time at Naturescape. One of the best Lawn Services, Home Services business at 363 Austin Cir, Delafield WI, 53018. The description of our administrative assistant position clearly indicates that sales is a major component of the position, and our interview process includes specifically sales-related inquiries. © 2021 Trustpilot A/S. What advice would you give the CEO of Naturescape about how to improve it? Such a great selection for those looking to rewild their gardens. Have purchased multiple times from this company. Are you ever at a job wondering why you aren't getting paid more for getting more work done than expected of you? 5 reviews of Naturescape "Let me start with I have a fairly large sized fenced in yard and I have three dogs with a dog door so they can go outside when necessary. 47 Naturescape reviews. Sun up to sundown. 401K, Healthcare, Pay, Time Off, Flexible Hours. Management does not care about employees, only numbers. BBB accredited since 8/18/1998. You actually have to fill out a write up each week on why you did not make the goal even though it is often out of your control. This training is what allows numerous branches to reach or exceed our sales goals year after year while maintaining our standard of excellence, and is the key to our 33 years of continuous growth. While we do believe that regular oversight helps us in maintaining our standard of excellence, our goal is to support our branch managers in their management, not to interfere. We will continue to work to bring more winter work opportunities our employees have more opportunities to succeed! All customer reviews and complaints are handled by the BBB where the company is Headquartered or a central customer processing location. Easily one of the worst jobs that I've ever had. In today's work environment Naturescape is a company who cares for us as employees. Every work experience is unique. And with a phenomenal 401k like ours, it will make retirement a realistic possibility. It's not just about the pay increase, it's about feeling competent enough to do the job required and actually make people WANT to come to work! is a great seed company with a good reputation, but if … Were also infested with duckweed. They claim to be family oriented that’s a lie. Really good value and the plants were so well packed, arrived looking really perky. The rest is what it is. Please reach out to our HR department so we can discuss this further. Rate your employer. 42 Naturescape reviews. The work was outside which was a plus and also it was face paced and I like to work fast. (At least in my branch). I not only feel bad for the employees that are still with them but also for the customers that get poor service because of their poor management. Managers should lead by example not there mouth. We wish you could have shared these concerns with our HR department during your employment, but we understand your concerns and will use this information as we continue to improve our working environment. We believe successful employees excel in both quantity and quality, and our customers have come to expect this as well. Does it need improvement...YES ABSOLUTELY! The job had great hours I pulled in overtime every week at 11.50/hr. We will continue working to create opportunities for successful happy employees, and hopefully earn 5 stars! The 4 seed packets could have been enclosed in an ordinary brown envelope at, possibly, a cost of £1.00 and the booklet offered as a free download as on the “Wildflower: Catalogue and Growing Guide”. DO NOT ORDER POND PLANTS FROM THIS COMPANY. Ordered a large amount of Water Soldiers and 4 flowering rushes. Winter off when not doing snow removal, stay in shape, Micromanaging, poor corporate management, low pay and quality of life. POOR QUALITY BOOKLET I ordered some yellow rattle seeds and a booklet “This way to your Wildflower Field” The booklet consisted of 13 poorly photocopied single-sided sheets of A4 and a cover colour photocopy of a wildflower field in a simple plastic cover at an over-inflated price of £6.50. I ordered 3 sweet woodruff plants on Thursday and, despite the current covid-19 issues, they arrived Saturday, well packaged and in excellent condition. Thank you for your feedback! I could create a similar leaflet at home, with cover and binding, at far less a cost and better reproduction. With that said, I think they would do well to get the feedback from their employees. Well pleased, many thanks, will return and recommend! I So much choice, I will be back soon to order more. Brilliant company. Lack of support, lack of communication, advancement opportunities. These binoculars are lightweight and easy to use. Yes it is busy and fast-paced, but it makes the day go by faster. They have unsafe equipment and very little help from mechanics in fixing it. We’re so glad to hear this; it’s important that all of our employees know how much we appreciate their hard work. Ordered meadow plant plugs Thursday, arrived Saturday, well packaged and in good condition, soil nice and moist, I'll just plant them directly without soaking I think. Only a customer who has booked through and stayed at the property in question can write a review. However with the pressure from being located right next to the corporate branch, they find themselves under stress and scrutiny unlike any other branch. First time customer. Fantastic website. Ask a question about working or interviewing at Naturescape. It pretty much was work, shower, eat, sleep, wake up at 5:30am. Your success is integral to the success of your branch and our company. Nearly all of the Water Soldiers were MICROSCOPIC. Give your management some breathing room; you hired them to manage, not to micromanage them. Also the opportunity to advance is there, but I feel like I'd be unprepared for it. Tell us about yours. Landscape Contractors in Murfreesboro, TN. Work was completed in 2008, and since that time I've experienced various They constantly change plans last minute to try and cover the constant employee turnover they have because of their poor treatment of employees. If I could give no stars I would. We have highly-trained company mechanics available to address any issues so we can reduce down-time and maximize efficiency for our customers and specialists. All I can say is what a joke. Thank you for your feedback! Naturescape has the unfortunate knack for making ALL of the mistakes of BOTH a large company and a small company, they are trying to bridge into becoming larger and are making ALL of the WRONG choices for change. They stress quantity over quality which is so backwards! EVERYTHING is your fault!! Some of the things done here seems very scetchy. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! Ordered Hornwort and came swiftly, good prices, well packaged, healthy and lots of plants. The job can get grueling but it's lawn care so it's to be expected but even if you're good at your job other specialists who lag behind or don't put in the effort end up hurting your ability to do the job in the long run (you get their lawns they didn't do and it starts to stretch out your routes). These changes were all a benefit to the employee. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … I mean its lawn Care, so it is hard work. I am very pleased and will definitely purchase form Naturescape again. In the new circumstances I would buy from them again in the future. We're sorry to hear that you don't feel confident in your position. One of the best Landscaping, Tree Services, Home Services business at 3525 Castle Ln #4, Alcoa TN, 37701. I like the company and the work, but I feel hesitant to look at it as a career because of the lack of communication at times. They planted up really well and there was no drooping whatsoever. Amazing quality and service at a very reasonable price. Need to allow shop managers to manage shop correctly. The ability to have a good depth of field is crucial to quickly locating far away animals such as whales and bears! This is called cybersquatting and Naturescape has been doing it for years hiding behind the names of other seed companies and charities. Their fear tactics scare away any good employees. What time do you start in the morning and around what time will you finish, What is the minimum age to work for Naturscape. That in turn leads to stress and scrutiny on you as a specialist. Find Reviews, Ratings, … On average, how many hours do you work a day at Naturescape? Properly training our employees to be successful, safe and confident at Naturescape is a top priority. First time customer. Our community is ready to answer. This is a sales job. We also wish that you had taken the time to address your issues with our HR department during your employment, but if you have any other information that you feel would be helpful, please feel free to contact us. This is a sinking ship that has 4 Vice Presidents turning 4 different directions. My box of 10 young ferns arrived within less than 2 weeks, although on the phone the lady had said that there was a real backlog due to the covid 19 crisis.The weather was hot on the day they arrived in a cardboard box, but they were in really good healthy condition when I took them out of the box. Beware if this happens to you. Already planted out and looking amazing. What questions did they ask during your interview at Naturescape? Thank you for your feedback! order delivered early june 2019 excellent package and pricepoint. At Naturescape they recognize this and compensate you accordingly, for that I am definitely a fan. The bonus incentives, pay, and benefits are awesome but most people couldn't hit goal to get the bonuses. Find Reviews, Ratings, Directions, Business Hours, Contact Information and book A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. So many branches go through managers, specialists, and admins like crazy because the management within the company is so poor. A satisfactory outcome for myself. In all, the company has great potential, however the fear of making decisions without consulting a superior manager handicaps everyone all the way up to the Vice Presidents. Naturescape honestly isn't a horrible company. Great job if you love the outdoors and you get paid according to the work you do. 45 Naturescape reviews. The company actually makes you pay for your pesticide license which is required to work there. We would love to hear more about some of your concerns. Well established and great staff. Most of the corporate office has never done the work that the employees perform. Thank you for your feedback! This company sets up bogus domain names using the trading names of other companies, diverting unsuspecting customers to its own website. It's a lot of information you have to learn but unfortunately you only get one week to learn it as a specialist and then one week of OJT. Host Review Score 9.3 The amazing view is the most outstanding feature of Naturescape. We take pride in our vehicles and equipment, and we ask that our specialists and managers do as well by following established maintenance procedures and reporting any issues for repair or replacement. they're so concerned with making these numbers that they will throw employees out on lawns mere days after training, even if they've expressed that they're not 100% comfortable in their role. It is always our intention to offer as much work throughout the season as is possible. While we do require specialists to cover the immediate costs of certification, annual reimbursement for this expense is afforded to every specialist who remains employed with Naturescape. Thank you for your feedback! Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Thank you for your feedback! Every year I have been employed with Naturescape, I have received generous increases. Hated this job more than any other job I’ve had. Best suited for someone who enjoys selling. To this end, we would love to hear more about what we can do to improve; please contact HR so we can discuss this further with you. A truly lazy manager stays behind a desk; we encourage diligent management that has a vested interest in the work of our specialist, and that regularly performs audits in the field to ensure success and customer satisfaction. They died within a week. My problem is happening now and will get worse in the weeks to Customer Reviews 1.99 /5 All customer reviews and complaints are handled by the BBB where the company is Headquartered or a central customer processing location. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. More worried about the points system and sales, then the employees. Pros The company has rewarded all of its employees with a growing list of benefits you won't find anywhere. We especially want our branch managers to have the knowledge and capability to effectively manage their branch's staff; done correctly, this minimizes stress for everybody. I have raised this several times with the company but they really couldn't care less. They also should do their reviews on time so that people feeling inclined to stick it out. They don't listen to the customers or employees, set unrealistic sales goals, and staff with no common sense. Advancements are given based on your ability to suck up with the branch manager who is rarely there. Communication is poor. Adendum to above 01/11/2019 :-After a reminder the company made contact and i am pleased to say the complaint was satisfactorily resolved. To them, you are only a number and they have zero worries about your well being and family life. We also certainly understand that physical labor can be tiring. The addition of naturescape video footage makes the experience even more enjoyable and inspiring. Pay is low and constant loopholes to eliminate earned bonuses. This is called cybersquatting or "bad faith domain name registration" and Mark Scarborough of Naturescape has been doing it for years hiding behind the names of other seed companies and charities with good reputations such as Herbiseed and Emorsgate Seeds. Id you think that this is going to be the easy job that you're looking for then you need to look someplace else. The plants may well have been fine when they left the nursery but their refusal to pack them properly means they will be crushed and damaged by the time they reach you. Nice bonuses and management is there for you if you have questions or concerns. This is why we require that every specialist take breaks throughout the day to avoid exhaustion. 60 customer reviews 9 years on Angie's List Contact Naturescape Phone Number (262) 532-4132 Address N114W18686 Clinton Dr Germantown, WI 53022 … First time customer. 32 customer reviews of Naturescape. The Naturescape ® Guarantee Your Naturescape ® specialist is committed to making you happy with our service and your lawn and landscape. One of the best Lawn Services, Home Services business at 12601 W Janesville Rd, Muskego WI, 53150. We regret that you left with the impression that we don't value your time, and we wish we'd been given the chance to address this during your employment. This is a company you can call home. There will be long hours and very hot days. I have worked for Naturescape for over 15 years.In this time I have seen many changes in the company. The manager, regional managers and on up are very friendly and amazing at what they do. Takes no employee feedback, does not even use employee suggestions. We feel it is integral to the mission of Naturescape (to provide consistent, top-quality service at every location) that we use our resources at every level to monitor and guide the development and success of all of our employees. They did refund two lots of my plants but the others have taken a good deal of help to live and thrive. We encourage all of our employees to excel and grow with us. What is the work environment and culture like at Naturescape? The best thing about this job would be that they reward you with extra pay for going above and behond for doing your job. However, availability of work during the off-season will necessarily vary from location to location. And expectations are poorly conveyed. Bad upper management, to much micromanaging. We are sorry to hear that you left with such a negative impression of Naturescape. This job requirements are very simple stay focused be careful and know your surroundings working for naturescape help me to understand life better knowing I can be creative and willing appreciate my work when I'm finished with my job. We apologize for any impression that we may have given of undue scrutiny or micro-managing. All of the equipment is garbage. Good techs good workers, upper management needs to back away from micromanagement. 41 Naturescape reviews. Customer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating Overview of BBB Rating Overview Naturescape Lawn and Landscape Care headquarted in Muskego, WI. We are sorry to hear that you were given such a poor impression of our company, and we would like to work with you to change this. Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews, The most useful review selected by Indeed. This company has more cons than pros. all plants are now about a foot tall, bogbean is 3ft long with leaves breaking the surface of the stream all along it. 20 customer reviews of Naturescape. I’ve never in my life seen such a mess in a workplace. During one of their application of product an area of my lawn was given too much product which resulted in the grass turning brown and this area died. One of the best Lawn Services, Home Services business at 7258 E 86th St, Indianapolis IN, 46250. The promised hours and winter work were not followed through on, and though some were granted the ‘guaranteed’ winter work. Purchased 100 cyclamen corms. Bonuses for work above average. If you're looking to be a part of a great team, this is the place to work. by Pwr. Find Reviews, Ratings, Directions, Business Hours, Contact Information and book Naturescape Lawn advertises if customer is not satisfied to call for service and the problem will be taken care of. If I could have gotten more mechanical training as a manager about fixing issues or things to watch out for I probably would still be working here but unfortunately it's more of a throw things at you and see if you sink or float. We don’t quite know what you mean, however, by “corporate logistics,” and we wonder if you would be willing to reach out to our HR department to discuss this further. We wish that you had relayed your concerns about management to our HR department during your employment, but we will use this information to continue to improve and provide the best possible work environment. … And the flowering rushes were tiny plants in tiny blocks which should have been potted up beforehand. We are sorry to hear that you found this environment stressful or frustrating, and we will continue to refine our methods so we can make sure all of our employees are equipped to reach their full potential. 38 customer reviews of Naturescape. Find Reviews, Ratings, Directions, Business Hours, Contact Information and book online We are sorry to hear that your experience with management has been so unsatisfactory. Immediately planted into pots water avens figwort gypsywort and great burnet and laid bogbean into shallowish stream. Such a shame. We're thankful for our clients' kind words. 1 Review of Naturescape Pools, Inc.. "I contracted with Dave Salem / Naturescape Pools to build my pool and backyard landscaping in 2007. No work life balance, lazy managers, they’ll follow you around, so that weird truck following you oh yeah that’s just your branch manager having nothing to do but spy on you. I started at Naturescape not knowing much about lawn care, but everyone is very welcoming and willing to help you learn everything you need to know. 101 reviews from Naturescape employees about Naturescape culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. JOB SUCKED. Boring, easy work. Thank you. JUST STAY AWAY THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE. We look forward to speaking with you further! I will never use them again and would not recommend to anyone My order combination of pond plants, wild flowers and seeds. Flexible schedule, starting pay, benefits. I ordered 3 sweet woodruff plants on Thursday and, despite the current covid-19 issues, they arrived Saturday, well packaged and in excellent condition. While we do thoroughly train our administrative assistants do provide excellent customer service, as well as data entry, payment processing and numerous other office tasks, actively pursuing sales opportunities is some of the most vital work they provide. I am very impressed and will buy from again and I will recommend them to friends and family. 5 were here. Review: Naturescape provided lawn services at my residence last year (2013). Work/life balance is vital to the happiness and success of our employees, and we will continue to work to provide this balance. From the United States. It is our intent that a specialist who takes the required breaks and takes advantage of the 3 day weekend will be capable of performing their duties with comfort and confidence. They expect you to move like a robot especially aerating like the human body doesn’t get exhausted. Thank you for your feedback! We share some of them here on our site so you can have a look at what our clients Please reach out to our HR department so we can work with you to improve your work experience. NaturEscape Inc. is a Ruthies Award winner and nominee, a Torch Award nominee, a member of the Better Business Bureau, and we are a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Co-workers, Customer interaction, some days off, micromanagement, minimal advancement opportunities, unrealistic sales goals, poor quality products, poor quality training, terrible regional management. Didn't care to have to pay for the certification. Just like any other lawn fertilization company; get your route and make sure to finish it within a reasonable amount of time in the day, but their benifits are above average for this industry. 1 review for, 1.0 stars: 'This company sets up bogus domain names using the trading names of other companies, diverting unsuspecting customers to its own website. 5.0 out of 5 stars Great for Alaska! See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, request a quote & more. Can be difficult to meet production expectations. We're sorry for any misunderstanding about the nature of the position. Confident, successful employees are the key to our continued growth, and we know that excellent performance and sales can only be expected from such employees. I worked for the Green Bay branch of Naturescape. It feels like we're just a number here and the turnover is ridiculously high! Good management at sturtevant location and is a great job to be on your own while enjoying the outdoors. Management isn't as proficient as they expect us to be, and they don't lead by example. I really don't see how this company has managed to stay afloat for the last few years, considering that the turnover rate is ridiculous. To keep the rating score and review content relevant for your upcoming trip, we archive reviews older than up to 36 months. Will be back for more. Seasonal work only, if you just need that, then go there.

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